Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots

There are so many slot games available today that it takes something special to really stand out to us. Paddy's Lucky Forest is an impressive slot game with nice graphics and some cool bonuses, but that doesn't mean it's the right game for you. Learn what we love about this game and the things we don't like too in our full review below.

Crafted by RealTime Gaming

This beautiful slot was made by RealTime Gaming, like many of the other leading games available in casinos worldwide. It's one of the hundreds of different games, which means you can get access to that many games and more by just signing up for an account at a compatible casino. RTG casinos usually only offer games from that developer, but there are so many options that you'll have loads to pick from anyway.

Test the Game for Free

If you want to get familiar with this game, you can load it in free play mode and try all its features effortlessly. You'll get access to the bonuses, all the wager options, and much more when playing this game in this mode. If you want to become familiar with the slot, you should run it in free play mode, and you'll start to see what it has to offer. Spend your time getting used to the game, and then you can change to wagering with real money once you know more about the game.

Three Progressive Jackpots

This slot is a progressive jackpot slot game, which means that there are prize payouts that increase in value the longer you and all the other players use the game. There are three different progressive jackpots, the Mini, the Minor, and the Major, and each is worth a different amount. Over time the game value will go up, and these jackpots payout randomly. Keep spinning, and you could be one of the lucky players that unlocks one of the prize payouts and comes away with a big fat win as a result.

A Leprechaun Forest Theme

We like the look of this slot game because it's set in the middle of a green forest with lots of plants, and it shows off beautiful sunlight shining down through the leaves of the tree. The game has a magical quality to it, and when you add fairy, leprechaun, and treasure symbols to the reels, you help to make this game into something special that you'll want to take note of the moment you start playing.

720 Ways Pays

There are a total of 720 different ways to win each time the reels get spun for this slot. That means you'll win often, and the prizes are paid out using a cluster system instead of traditional paylines like so many other slots. By utilizing a cluster system of prize payouts, you will win more regularly, and you'll trigger prize payouts that you didn't expect as well. We love the cluster system used for this game, and we also like how affordable the minimum wager is to get access to such frequent wins.

Wagering for All Types of Players

When you play this game, wagering works as if there are 40 paylines that are locked in the on position. The lowest wager is $0.40 per spin, and the maximum is $200.00 per spin. You can adjust your wager amount to be anywhere within this range, and when you choose an amount that you're comfortable with, you're free to start playing. The only criticism we have of this simple wagering system is that there aren't many values between the maximum and minimum amounts. You'll have to jump up or down significantly as you change the coin value, which means that you may not be able to play at the wager value that you're most comfortable with.

Toggle Autoplay and Speed Settings

There are different setting adjustments for speed settings and the autoplay feature in this slot game. You can set the game to spin itself by pressing the autoplay button and then choosing the number of spins that you want to go through. When you do this, you can go through up to 100 different spins, and you'll only have to press the button one time to get the feature going. The speed adjustment is just a single button that you press to go from the normal speed setting to the fast speed setting. Press this button and spin the reels and see which of the two speeds you prefer to get the best wagering experience as you play here.

Small Pays on the Table

The prize values at this slot game aren't very large, and you'll rely on getting frequent wins to keep your casino balance climbing in a positive direction. The best win you can get on a single payline is just 1,200 coins, and you'll often win much less than that. Even the progressive jackpot prizes aren't very large, but things can be interesting when you get a series of wins while playing this game, and that's what happens to the luckiest gamblers that try Paddy's Lucky Forest.

Win More with Slippery Wilds

We thoroughly enjoyed the Slippery Wilds bonus feature found in this game while playing. This special feature locks wilds into position when they appear in the upper positions of the middle three reels. These reels are taller than the rest, and they give you more opportunities to win using wilds. When wilds appear on these reels, they will drop down one position with each spin until they finally fall off the bottom of the reel face. When you get wilds in upper positions, you will have them on the reels for up to three or four spins consecutively. The slippery wilds feature leads to combinations of wins, and it's possible to have two, three, or more wilds locked on the reels simultaneously for some very exciting winning opportunities.

Pick Your Bonus

Whenever you get three plus scatters on the reels of this slot game, you'll get a chance to pick your bonus feature. The option that you choose either gives you free spins or an instant prize payout. You'll enjoy up to 15 free spins or up to a 50x prize payout immediately. Both prize features are exciting, but most players hope for the free spins because they offer a chance at bigger and better prize wins overall.

Instantly Toggle Free Play and Real Money Modes

It's quick and easy to swap between free mode and real money mode when playing this lucky slot game. If youd enjoy playing for free, you load the game in Demo mode as you start it. To play using real money you open the game in normal mode. Swap between the two modes by closing and opening the game once again and choosing the other option.

Just 1,440 Coins Maximum Win

We weren't impressed at all by the maximum win you can achieve while playing this game. At just 1,440 coins per win, you don't have a huge prize payout to look forward to while you play here. You'll want to get multiple wins to get truly life-changing prize payouts from this game, and that's what most gamblers rely on if they decide to play this game. Fortunately, prize payouts are very common, and you'll expect wins to come fast and frequently when you play this game.

A Good Value Game

We were impressed by the overall value that this slot offers to gamblers that decide to play the game. Since the slot pays out nearly 97% of the money that it takes from players, it is one of the more generous games that we've tested in a long time, and it's highly rated for gamblers that care about the value they get from their games. Sure, you are more likely to lose money than you are to win it while playing this game, but your odds are better with this than with most other slot games.

Designed for Mobile Play

This game is built to work on most mobile devices, and it functions without requiring any sort of app either. You can load the game and begin playing online in your smartphone's browser or on the screen of your tablet. The game performs the same on most devices, which makes it ideal for fans of mobile wagering and gambling without restrictions in general.

Rating the Game

There is a lot to like about this slot game, but we have some criticisms as well. That's why we chose to rate it a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. We love the look of the game and how frequently it offers prize payouts. We don't love how small prize wins are and how small the progressive jackpot prizes usually are. If you want to win regularly, you will enjoy this game, but you may not be very excited by the actual prize payouts that the game has to offer you.

Paddy's Lucky Forest is an entertaining slot with lots of action and cool bonus features. We love the look of the game and had fun while testing the slot. If you want huge prize wins, you should look for a different game, but if you like frequent wins and combinations of wins per spin, you can have a good time with this game, and you should test it on your own.