Promotions are what draw in new players and make them really want to join up with a casino. At Mighty Slots we offer some of the best welcome bonuses in the industry. With minimal deposits, new players can wield a massive amount of gambling power, and it's simple to play with more than $1,000 in free money with just a couple basic deposits into the casino.

Huge Welcome Bonuses

The welcome bonuses at Mighty Slots are truly unprecedented and can leave you with more than $1,600 in gambling money to play with for less than $100 of your own money. On your very first deposit of $20 or more, you'll qualify for $980 in free money, as long as you complete the 120x playthrough requirements. On the next deposit of $25 or more you'll qualify for $425 in free money by completing the 60x playthrough requirements. On the final deposit of at least $30, you can get up to $270 in free money by completing the 30x playthrough requirements. That's a huge amount of free money for very minimal deposits.

Completing the Play Through Requirements

It can be difficult completing the playthrough requirements needed to unlock the massive bonuses, which is why we suggest making larger initial deposits than the base amount, to help you get through those requirements to unlock your full free money bonus. Double or triple your initial deposit and you'll have an easier time unlocking those huge bonuses, giving you plenty to spend at the casino.

Take Full Advantage of Each

There's no reason not to make use of each of the deposit bonuses offered by Mighty Slots. Make sure that you go through each of the first three deposits to unlock all the bonuses, otherwise you're just throwing money away. Take the time to complete each deposit and you could be looking at huge bonuses to gamble with.

Mighty Slots offers some of the best deposit bonuses available today. Sure there aren't any recurring bonuses offered by the casino, but new players can get enough free money to keep them busy for a very long time if they play their cards right. Make sure that you take full advantage of all the bonuses and you could be looking at a casino balance that's more than 10x your initial deposit amount, which will make playing all those slots even more enjoyable. Of course not everyone will qualify for the bonuses, but the ones that do will have a lot to enjoy while playing at Mighty Slots casino.