Let’s face it, no matter how high the quality of an online casino is, you’re going to face problems and need help from time to time. That means that customer support is important. That’s why at Mighty Slots customer support is always available and designed to be simple to use and helpful. If you run into issues, you can reach out to support technicians for simple answers to your problems to get you back to gambling once again.

Make a Phone Call

There’s no reason to sit around and wait for help to finally answer your question, when you can make a direct phone call and get immediate help solving your problems. There are toll-free numbers available to players in Canada, USA, Australia and Italy. Players from any of these regions can easily place calls and get immediate answers to their questions.

Send an Email

For players outside of the support countries with phone lines, email is also available. It’s not as immediate as a phone call is, but it’s simple to use and responses typically don’t take very long to arrive. Use the provided email address to ask questions and get the help needed to improve your gambling experience. Emails are answered hourly and help is clear and to the point, making most problems simple to get over.

Live Chat

The quickest and most direct way to get help other than using the included phone numbers, is through live chat. Live chat is a service that’s available to players all over the world, and it offers real-time answers to common gambling questions. Open up the chat console and start asking questions quickly and easily. Help will be provided just moments after asking a question, which is pretty convenient.

Send Standard Mail

Standard mail isn’t the best way to ask for help, but it’s an option for some players that don’t like email, or that want to get a more personal response. Our address is provided and mail is responded to regularly. Customers that do send physical mail should prepare for a long wait for responses, and should consider using one of the other methods to get the help that they need.

Customer support should be easy to access and helpful. That’s the exact experience offered at Mighty Slots, and it’s something that long-term players really seem to enjoy. Problems occur no matter where you gamble. Make sure that you can get help when they come up so you aren’t stuck trying to solve them on your own.