Football Fortunes Slots

Try and uncover massive prize payouts while unlocking a range of prizes all made up of different football symbols in Football Fortunes. This slot game showcases football players, coaches, the game mascot, the ball and a blend of other symbols all carefully created be bright and vibrant. The slot game offers two different play modes, a few bonus features and plenty of decent wins to keep things interesting. Keep reading to learn if the game is worth trying out and what sort of features you can expect when you give this slot game a try.

50 Different Paylines

There are a total of 50 paylines to wager on in Football Fortunes and all the lines are turned on at all times. That means that you must place higher wagers than many other slots, and that you have a good chance of uncovering a prize payout with most spins of the reel in this slot. Players that give the game a bit of effort will be impressed by how often they’re able to uncover a prize payout while this game. With so many paylines it can be a bit confusing determining where the prize win occurred though, but most players don’t have an issue with that sort of problem!

Limited Wagering Options

I want to start by saying that there’s a pretty decent range of amounts to wager with in this slot. The minimum wager amount is just $0.50 and the maximum is $125.00 per spin. With that said, there aren’t that many different selections to work with. The only way to change the wager value is to change the value of the coins placed on all 50 of the paylines. That means that the total wager amount rapidly climbs. It’s possible to choose many wager options when going from $.50 up to $5.00, but after that point the wager amount rapidly climbs doubling in value each time. That means wager options go to $12.50, $25, $50, and then to $125. Players that want to wager a higher amount might find these options to be limiting, while most low-stakes gamblers will be happy with their options.

Autoplay and Speed Selections

There are some gameplay options available in Football Fortunes that make the slot more enjoyable to use. Players can set the speed between Normal and Fast depending on the setting that they choose. The Single lightning bolt is for Normal speed, while two lightning bolts are for the Fast setting. Players should test out both settings and choose the one that feels best to them. There is also an autoplay feature that allows gamblers to automatically turn the reels without having to press spin every time. To do this they simply have to press the Auto Spin button to the right of the standard spin button and choose the quantity of spins. It’s possible to choose as few as 5 and as many as 100, or even to set the game to spin forever. No matter what option you choose, it’s possible to stop the Auto Spins whenever you like by pressing the standard spin button once again.

Modest Prize Payouts

The prize payouts in this slot game are pretty modest in comparison with other progressive jackpot slot games. The big win is worth just 1,000 coins which isn’t much at all, and that’s making use of the wild symbol to double the value of the prize as well. With such modest prize payouts gamblers will be relying heavily on the slot to offer combination prize payouts and wins that include many different symbol combinations at the same time. Fortunately, there are many different bonus rounds in this game to help offer bigger prize wins and prize winning combinations.

Double Wild Wins

The ball symbol is a powerful wild that stacks on the first and fifth reels of Football Fortunes. This wild doesn’t offer any prize payouts on its own, but will double any prize that it helps to complete when other symbols are involved. The wilds are part of most prize payouts in this slot, and should help result in some pretty exciting wins for select lucky gamblers.

Unlocking the Progressive Jackpots

There are two different progressive jackpots available in Football Fortunes. These prize payouts aren’t very massive in comparison to some jackpots, but they’re still exciting prizes that any player can win and they’re a chance for another exciting prize win. These jackpot payouts can be unlocked at any time while wagering online. Gamblers simply have to spin the reels and get lucky. For that reason the jackpots add another layer of excitement to each spin and they give serious players something else to look forward to as they wager online.

Rhino and Fortune Modes

There are two different gameplay modes in this online slot game, and the option you choose determines how the game will feel as you play through one round after another. The first mode is Fortune, and this mode gives you a chance to randomly get 8 free spins after any turn that you take on the slot game. Free spins in this version of the game don’t come with any sort of multiplier, but you have a chance of triggering the spins frequently.

Rhino mode on the other hand, doesn’t come with the free spin chance during regular rounds of the game. Instead, you can unlock more powerful free spins by getting three or more of the scatter symbols. It’s possible to win up to 100 free spins if you can get five scatters, and all the free spins unlocked in this way come with a 3x multiplier. While Fortune mode will leave you with more frequent free spin wins, Rhino mode can reward you with higher paying free spin bonus rounds and a larger number of free spins.

The Penalty Kick Bonus Round

The special Penalty Kick bonus round can be triggered during either of the two free spin bonus games. To trigger this bonus you need to get a full reel of the Bonus Ball symbols. Do that and you’ll be taken to the bonus round. During the bonus round it’s up to you to try and score as many penalty kicks as possible. The more wins you achieve during the round the higher the prize multiplier you’ll unlock. It’s possible to get up to a 100x prize multiplier during this feature for truly massive prize payouts. This is one of our favorite features in Football Fortunes, even though we get bigger wins from the free spin rounds normally.

Play for Free or Real Money

Football Fortunes is a flexible slot game that you can try out for free if you’re interested in seeing just how the game works. To do this simply visit a casino that offers the game for you to play and click on the slot. Select Demo Play after you choose the slot game. This will load the slot up with a play money balance that you can use to test the game out with. The slot will work just like it would if you were wagering with real money, the only difference being that you won’t have to risk any real money in order to play. This is an exciting way to experience the slot game and it’s a good way to get started as well.

When you’re ready to play for real money you can easily do that as well. If you’re already a member of the casino with a real money balance you just have to click the slot game to play for real. Registering and depositing money is a simple task and can often be completed in just an hour or two for the gamblers that want to get started playing fast.

Our Slot Rating

There is a lot going on in this seemingly simple slot game, which makes ranking it difficult. Overall we give this slot game a 4.2 out of 5.0. The game stands out by offering different gameplay options to choose from and some pretty powerful bonus features. It lacks in high-paying prizes during the base game though, and even the progressive jackpot payouts are pretty small compared to what some other slot games have to offer. The slot is interesting and nice to look at though, which is why it has such a favorable rating overall.

Football Fortunes is a decent online game for gamblers that enjoy Football and that want lots of variety. The game offers more than enough bonuses, it packs in some pretty cool features and it gives long-term players different gameplay options to pick from to help keep the game fun and new. Between all those different benefits it’s easy to see why many gamblers would find the slot game entertaining enough to want to keep playing it.