Three Stooges II Slots

The Three Stooges are best known for the funny TV series in which Moe Curly and Larry are desperate to marry and take part in all sorts of interesting and comical antics to find their bride. This three-reel slots game includes each of the stooges together with some other symbols relevant to the story making it a comical and fun game to play. Players can try out this game before placing real money bets but should be aware that both the minor and major jackpots can only be won when playing the real money version of the game. And in addition, there is an added jackpot called the Three Stooges jackpot that is won when the player lands three of the wild symbols on the screen.

The Special Wild Jackpot and Huge Multiplier

Players may be overwhelmed when first looking at this screen, but they will soon see that it is easy to follow and play. The wild symbol is the icon of the game and it can substitute for other symbols helping to complete a winning payout. When it does substitute for other symbols, the wild triples all payouts. Two of the wilds will multiply payouts 9x and three award the special Three Stooges jackpot. Each of the three stooges is a scatter symbol and when three of each appear on the screen the player is treated to a bonus game.

Three Stooges and Three Bonus Games

Three of the Larry symbols triggers the Larry's stash bonus game. Players are invited to roll a dice and work their way up the bonus ladder at the side of the screen with a top prize of 20 free spins with a 7x multiplier. The Moe scatter triggers the Moes Moolah also with a ladder game and players throw dice to land up to 100 free spins with a 10x multiplier. Curly triggers the curly cashola that awards players with 9 free spins and a tripled multiplier. Each of the bonus games can be triggered again and the player can win either of the random progressive jackpots at any time when playing this comical and colorful slots game.